Ed Stoner's Confidential Investigations Are, Well, Worthy of Sherlock Holmes!

   Ed Stoner conducts confidential investigations for management of both private sector companies and colleges and universities. 

   His background as a journalist and lawyer make him an effective confidential investigator.
   Mr. Stoner has performed investigations on a wide variety of subjects, including:

            --Alleged sexual misconduct by employers, supervisors, fellow employees, consultants, students and faculty members

            --Alleged discriminatory conduct due to age, race, sex and/or national origin in the workplace or involving college faculty or students

            --Compliance with NCAA rules: e.g., accuracy of a transferring student athlete's transcript; improper recruiting; shadow teams; cash payments, phantom jobs or other Extra Benefits for student athletes; excessive or improper awarding of scholarships; interactions by/with agents

            --Alleged academic plagiarism by faculty

            --Child pornography at work

            --Various employment law issues; e.g., alleged anti-union discrimination  

   Mr. Stoner's work as a confidential investigator evolved from his many years as a general partner in the international law firm of Reed Smith LLP. For a number of years, he represented management of both private sector employers and colleges and universities on a wide range of employment law issues.

   In that role, Mr. Stoner often has served as an independent, outside confidential investigator who provides thorough, discrete and impartial reports on difficult personnel issues.

   In addition, he has served as a counselor, mediator and litigator. He has appeared before a variety of tribunals and agencies including the NLRB, EEOC, federal and state courts, NCAA Infraction Committee, Boards of Directors, and Executive Committees.

   Confidential investigations vary not only in type but also in duration. Mr. Stoner's investigations have been as short as one day and as lengthy as five months. He relocates to the employment or campus site of the investigation if necessary.

   Following an NLRB investigator's style of interviewing and taking written statements, Mr. Stoner obtains first hand written statements when appropriate. These can be reviewed by the human resources, general counsel or other decision makers. 

   Using his skills as a journalist and litigator, Mr. Stoner presents a thorough, written report of the confidential investigation that is easily understood and provides the basis for responsive action by the client.

   Some of the colleges and universities at which Mr. Stoner has done investigations include Texas A&M University, University of North Alabama, Priceton University, North Carolina State University, and Duquesne University.

   Mr. Stoner performs confidential investigations on an hourly basis, plus expenses, and travels from his home in the Florida Keys.

   You may contact Mr. Stoner at: edwardstoner@comcast.net