Ed Stoner's Campus Consulting Reflects Many Years of Nationwide Work in Higher Education

   Ed Stoner provides solutions to help your institution deal with conflict on campus. He consults on a variety of campus legal issues and recommends good practices.  

   He works effectively with campus counsel, chief student affairs officers, other student affairs professionals, student code advisers, campus judicial officers, faculty, administrators and student leaders. 

   Ed helps student affairs professionals to train campus judicial boards, to adopt and to revise student conduct codes and to analyze how to have effective campus conduct board hearings.

   Ed is flexible about the way he works with student affairs professionals and other campus clients. When working on student conduct issues, one of Ed's preferred approaches is to begin with a campus visit. This enables him to meet with student affairs professionals and others with whom he will be working. 

   While on campus, he offers one on one individual guidance and facilitates group discussions. He also provides training for campus judicial boards. Ed provides follow up consultation on an hourly basis. 

   As an alternative, he provides advice on the development and revision of student conduct codes on an hourly basis without a campus visit--working with you by phone and electronically. 

   Ed's goal is to find a working arrangement that enables him to help you make your campus work more smoothly.

Honors for Ed Stoner's Counseling

     Ed's effective work as a campus counselor has often been honored.

     The Association of Student Judicial Affairs (ASJA) presented Ed with the ASJA Distinguished Service Award in 1995 "in recognition of exceptional contribution in the area of judicial affairs" and made him an Honorary Life Member of ASJA in 2005.

      In 2006, the National Association of College and University Attorneys (NACUA) made Ed an Honorary Life Member in recognition of his numerous publications, speeches, and other contributions to NACUA and to higher education.

      Professor Robert D. Bickel, Esquire, founder of the Stetson University College of Law National Conference on Law and Higher Education and former General Counsel at Florida State University, presented Ed with the Stetson Conference's prized Thomas S. Biggs Award, named in honor of the former General Counsel of the University of Florida, in 1996. This award states that it honored Ed as being: 

            "Dedicated Legal Service to the University Community with highest and constant regard for individual morality and institutional integrity and dignity of each student and colleague."

Earlier, in 1994, the Stetson Conference had awarded Ed its Certificate of Appreciation for Meritorious Service.

 "I wish Ed Stoner's 21st Century Model Student Code had been in my library at Monticello when I was dealing with college student conduct!"
   Review the history of the development of Ed Stoner's Model Student Conduct Codes (1990, 2004). View a road map to learn how to use Ed Stoner's 21st Century Model Student Conduct Code and Model Hearing Script. Or, if you do not like to read instruction manuals, go directly to the text of Ed Stoner's Model Code. :-)

Campus Sexual Assault Challenges

   Ed Stoner uses his knowledge of many sexual assault cases nationwide to help clients to develop an effective student conduct code and to plan campus judicial board training.

   A campus sexual assault case is the most difficult type of student misconduct issue to address fairly and effectively. It tends to present the most challenging combinations of legal, practical and student conduct and misconduct issues. Moreover, campus sexual assault cases often also present issues of underage alcohol and/or drug use. 

   Ed has dealt with sexual assault issues on many college campuses and serves both as an advisor to the California Coalition on Sexual Assault and as a consultant to many CALCASA grantees.