Edward N. Stoner II performs confidential investigations for management in private sector companies and in higher education institutions. Ed also provides advice on a variety of campus issues, trains judicial boards and develops effective student affairs policies. Ed is the author of the nation’s most widely used Model Code for college student conduct.

“From my own sleuthing, I have discovered that I would hire Ed Stoner to do a confidential investigation. His excellent legal skills and macro perspective enable him to uncover the precise factual information that is essential in solving conflict in your organization. Find out for yourself by reading Ed's Resume and investigative experiences.” – Sherlock Holmes

“The article of discipline is the most difficult in American education.  Premature ideas of independence, too little repressed by parents, beget a spirit of insubordination . . . .  I look to it with dismay in our institution, as a breaker ahead, which I am far from being confident we shall be able to weather.”
      —Thomas Jefferson (1822).

   Ed Stoner has worked with the leaders of both Fortune 500 companies and a number of colleges and universites for over 30 years. He is a dynamic speaker and nationally recognized author on legal and campus affairs.

   On campus, Ed has worked with many campus constituencies, including faculty committees, boards of trustees, Presidents, students, and athletics directors. He has brought his understanding of the complexity of campus social systems to his work with higher education organizations. 

   He chaired and worked on many committees of the National Association of College and University Attorneys and served as its President and chair of NACUA’s Board of Directors. He is a founding member of the Association of Student Judicial Affairs and has taught annually as a faculty member of the ASJA Donald D. Gehring Campus Judicial Affairs Training Institute since its inception in 1993. He presently serves on the advisory council to the California Coalition Against Sexual Abuse (CALCASA).

       This broad background in higher education and law makes Ed an effective counselor on a broad range of campus student affairs and other issues. On campus, Ed provides a number of additional consulting services that reflect his many years of working with student affairs professionals across the country. These include:
            --Working with campus leaders to revise their Student Conduct Codes. Ed’s goal is to free student affairs professionals from concerns about legal problems so that they can bring their professional expertise to bear on what Mr. Jefferson called the “Spirit of Insubordination” of college students.
            --Training students, staff and student affairs professionals who sit on student conduct disciplinary hearing panels (judicial boards) so that they can confidently understand and perform their roles.
            --Speaking to individuals, groups and conferences about the interplay between legal perspectives and effective campus leadership. 

      As a consultant, Mr. Stoner works as a confidential investigator for both private sector employers and on college campuses. His detailed written reports provide a firm basis for responsive action by human resources personnel and by in-house counsel. 

      Mr. Stoner’s work as a confidential investigator evolved from his many years as a general partner in the international law firm of Reed Smith LLP. He represented private sector and higher education clients on employment law issues, both as a counselor and as a litigator. He performs confidential investigations on a wide variety of subjects, such as allegations of sexual misconduct; race, sex, age and national origin discrimination; abuse of computer policies; and violations of NCAA rules. 

      Ed is an Eagle Scout, a member of the Society of Professional Journalists and a trans-Atlantic sailor. He holds degrees from DePauw University (B.A., 1969) and the University of Virginia (J.D., 1972). He is a member of the bars of Pennsylvania, Florida and the United States Supreme Court. 

      More complete details of Ed’s vita appear on his resume. 

      Ed lives with his wife (Mari), cat (Flash), and sailboat (Fancy Free) in the Florida Keys where Everything Is Working Perfectly. 

                              Edward N. Stoner II
                              232 Buttonwood Lane
                              Tavernier, FL 33070-2729

                                    Cell: 412-519-8844
                                    Land: 305-852-5827


(The photograph of Mr. Stoner that appears on this website was taken by Stephen R. Bernard.)